Recent Work


Work Available Online:

My OpEd in The Washington Post, Lily Tomlin, Marriage, and Me,  about Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner, the new marriage laws, and whether or not Linnea and I should finally make it legal.

Donald Liebenson of The Chicago Tribune talks to me about Body Geographic and my move back to Chicago in “Following Her Inner Compass.”

An interview on identity, rewriting the past, and the maps in my memoir Body Geographic. On Radio DePaul.

My essay on the nonfiction truthiness debates,
“On Nonfiction and Consequence,” appears in the
Australian journal TEXT,  Special Issue: Nonfiction Now

An interview with me about Body Geographic, Mapping Identity, appears on Brevity.com.

My new short essay  “On What the Watcher Wants”
appears on the website celebrating the launch of a new book about creative nonfiction writing—BENDING GENRE, edited by Margot Singer and Nicole Walker.

I published an essay about Alison Bechdel’s Are You My Mother? as part of the ESSAY DAILY December 2012 Advent Calendar of essays about the essay.

I published the essay “The Non Now, Aussie Style” about the 2102 NonfictioNow conference in Melbourne Australia on the Brevity Blog.

My MINNESOTA ORIGINALS segment, featuring an excerpt from my project entitled Apocalypse, Darling, aired in Fall 2012 on Twin Cities Public TV. Watch a rebroadcast here.

I was a guest editor, with Susan Antonetta and Joy Castro, of the Fall 2012 issue of BREVITY: A Journal of Concise Nonfiction. The “Ceiling or Sky?” special issue was a response to the VIDA:Women in Literary Arts count, exposing gender inequities in literary publishing.

I published “Live From AWP: Dispatch #1, #6, #8, #17″ —guest blogs from the AWP Conference in Chicago, for the Minneapolis Star Tribune blog “On Books.” 1-5 Mar, 2012.

I edited and contributed to “Women of Being: An Anti-List of Under-Acknowledged Authors”on VIDAweb.org, the monthly online journal of VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, February 2012.

My essay “Navigating Jazz,” from BODY GEOGRAPHIC, appeared in the Fall 2010 edition of INDIANA REVIEW, and my reading from the piece, as well as my discussion of the work, is available via “bluecast” at the Indiana Review blog “Under the Blue Light.” January 2011.